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New computer need display and directx help

By ArcheR ยท 4 replies
Dec 23, 2004
  1. got my new computer the other day, when i switched it on vert lines appered, pressing del for the bios only brought up vert lines of other colours.
    reseting the bios fixed this.

    ive installed win xp pro sp2 and the supplied display drivers but i cannot install any version of directx(main big problem). when i try installing directx it says all the right stuff but nothing is installed. also when using the supplied display drivers setting the resolution above 1024x768 ie 1280x1024 makes the desktop huge without fitting it to the monitor. i know the monitor is capable because with the drivers uninstalled changeing the resolution works fine.
    are there any compatability issues with the sempron and dx? or could these problems have anything to do with the origional problem.

    amd sempron 3100+
    asus k8smx mobo
    auriga 19" lcd
    512 ram
    integrated 64 mb video

    eventually ill chuck in a real video card will this fix my problem?
    any help on fixing this will be appeciated.
  2. ArcheR

    ArcheR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    comps running fine fine now and the problem was very minor
  3. hansaga

    hansaga TS Rookie

    I have the same problem with the sizes above 1024x768. What was the solution?
  4. ArcheR

    ArcheR TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok from what you say ill assume your running win xp sp2 with the asus k8smx. for some reason when get windows to auto dectect display drivers from your motherboards driver disk windows picks the wrong driver. the display adapter on the k8smx is a SIS 760 all you need to is insert your driver cd and go control panel > system > device manager > display adapters > wat ever display adapter is showing > driver > udate driver, obviously you dont want win to search ther internet > take the advanced option > now browse all over your cd untill you find the SiS 760 driver. your adapter may not be the SiS 760 so youl probly need to find out which display adapter you have.

    my DX problem was really stupid. basicly i was trying to install DX 9b on a OS that shiped with DX 9c. just stupid. :bounce:
  5. mkisaacs

    mkisaacs TS Rookie

    Found this on the ASUS site in their FAQ regarding the K8S-MX board. Stumbled across your post when searching the web for resolution capabilities of the online board, and thought you might like an answer.


    When I wish to set to resolution 1280x1024 on K8S-MX in Windows XP, I can only find 1024x768 on screen. Apart from this resolution, others will show virtual desktop. How can I disable "virtual desktop" function?


    Please copy X:\Drivers\Display\WinXP_2K\*.* all files including sub-folders from driver CD into hard disk, e.g. D:\WinXP_2K.

    Download Setup.zip beta file from http://www.asus.com/support/download/item.aspx?ModelName=K8S-MX&Type=Latest Driver -> beta section.

    Replace the setup.ini from the zip file to D:\WinXP_2K\setup.ini

    Then run the setup.exe to install the driver again.
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