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Oct 22, 2007
  1. So, its new computer time. I recently just assembled all of the parts, and the power will not turn off. Before you jump to saying its the PSU, or check your connections, it is neither (at least I know for sure the PSU). Using the power button the mobo starts everything up, and when i turn the power on from the PSU the blue light comes up, so I know everything is fine there. But for some reason I can not get the power switch to work, I'd rather not return it since it was from newegg and I am not out of a computer without this one, and the power supply that came with the case (Raidmax Dirk-Tooth) is currently in a different computer, so you can just imagine the frustration.

    I checked the wiring of the Power Switch to the front panel, and everything seemed to be ok. Any ideas?
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    Are you saying the power switch will turn on the PC but the same switch will not turn it off? Check the power switch options in the BIOS.
  3. whtddusy516

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    The power switch on the case can neither turn on or off, and it cannot reset either

    The power and reset button on the mobo work perfectly though, I just dont feel like digging to find the buttons every time since my case has a huge bar making it hard to slip into it.
  4. mailpup

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    Okay, I see. It could be a defective switch on the front of the case. BTW, you should have a separate reset switch. Is that functional?

    What case (I know you said Raidmax but which one?) and motherboard do you have?
  5. whtddusy516

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    I searched newegg, and it seems that it's a common problem, I was wrong its a Raidmax Smilodon, Dirk-Tooth is just all I could see at the time haha. And I have an EVGA 680i LGA 775 ( EVGA 122-CK-NF63-TR to be more specific). Some people say it's a mislabeling but I had already tried every connector, and I had also removed the front panel to see which goes to which button and it was all labeled correctly, so im guessing its faulty wiring, I contacted Raidmax to see if I could just get a new front panel.
  6. mailpup

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    In case you have trouble getting the front panel replaced and since you'd rather not return anything, you could get a new, separate power switch. Here is an example from PC Builder Supply: Click here.

    At the very least you can use it for testing purposes. Otherwise you can probably use it to replace the original switch.

    BTW, there is no functional difference between the power switch and reset switch so you could try to connect the reset switch to the power switch pinouts and use that for the time being.
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