New computers wireless cards starts loading xp then goes to gray screen

By wildcatksu
Dec 6, 2006
  1. I have 30 new computers. They have had problems from the 2nd day. Out of thirty computers purchased I have 13 that work in the 60 days I have had them. They are a no name brand running XP. They start to load with the Windows XP then they go to a gray screen and do nothing. We even took a working hard drive from one computer and put it in the non working one and now neither of them work. We can reconfigure and start out from the beginning but eventually those went down also. There was a windows update the other day and nine went out that day alone. These are all wireless. We had thirty computers sent a week earlier that do not use wireless and they are all working fine. Please help with solutions.

  2. SNGX1275

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    Are they desktops? If so remove the wireless card then "reconfigure and start out from the beginning" and see then if they continue to work. Is the RAM good? Are all these machines identical hardware wise?
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    They are all desktops. We have reinstalled everything starting with the operating system and they will work for awhile and then go down again. Several have worked fine from the beginning. Some that work will lose network signal even though the port is right next to it. Nine went down after the second restart from completing the last microsoft update. They load and the bar for windows xp goes across and it looks like it starts going to the desktop but then goes gray. The hardware should be identical. I would assume the ram would be good. I'll switch it from a working machine and see.
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