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Dec 30, 2006
  1. I recently received an HP DVD840e Super Multi DVD Writer with Lightscribe. It connects to my computer via a USB port, which I have checked and established as being USB 2.0. The trouble is that it's taking me close to 4 hours to burn a disc, which I know is twice as long as what it should be. Does anyone know what could be slowing down the USB connection in any way? Or perhaps any other cause for the lag?
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    You should be burning a dvd in minutes, not hours, so even 2 hours is way too long.

    What software are you burning with? Does it take a long time to burn a cd from within Windows Explorer?
  3. zimma0320

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    I've read on other sites that a dvd (movie) should take a few hours, and only minutes if it's strictly data. I burn cd's on a separate internal drive within minutes. I figure it has to be something with the USB connection but I'm unsure of what the problem could be.
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    If its not operating at USB 2 speeds you could see a slowdown, but it still wouldn't take hours. Hours could be if there needs to be some video conversion being done before being written as a DVD, but other than that there is no difference in DVD Data and DVD Video as far as the burner is concerned.

    You still didn't answer the questions in my first post.
  5. zimma0320

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    Apologies. I'm using Nero Vision which is part of the Nero Suite that accompanied the DVD Writer. And I'm not sure what you mean by the second question.
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    In XP if you put in a blank cd, you will be able to drag files to it, then it asks you something and pops up a burning wizard. If that burns files to cd at a resonable rate then thats a bit of information that can help in solving this.

    If I had to guess right now, I'd say the time it takes is because its converting a movie to a naitive dvd format before actually burning. What is the CPU usage when you are 'burning'? I think its converting then burning, and the actual burning itself is running at normal speeds, which is why I need to know if you can write regular stuff to a cd with that drive at reasonable speeds.
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    In XP Pro I can burn a CD in less than 5 minutes with Nero 6, and a DVD movie in 12 to 40 minutes using DVD Shrink 3.2 and DVD Decrypter with my NEC Combo burner
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    I see what you're saying. I believe you are correct about the converting, because there is usually a long transcoding period before the file begins to burn. The CPU Usage for Nero Vision varies from around 60-90 I believe when I am burning. I will get back to you about the blank cd after I try that. I appreciate the help thus far.
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