New Energy Saving System

By bushwhacker
Oct 16, 2007
  1. I was thinking about selling my system.
    My system spec is on the pull down. Tell me what you think i will sell for.

    The hard drive will be US DoD Formatted.


    To replace the system.

    I need to know a better specification.

    Small case ( If possible, uses the 2.5 inch or less hard drive.
    uses approx 150 ~350W power
    CPU and motherboard, strong enough to support any steam games ( CS:S, CS1.6, DoD:S, TF2) and Soldier of Fortune 2 [Low voltage]

    Don't worry about the hard drive - i can order the new slim Seagate Hard drive. They uses much less power.

    I want to build this and keep this for my family usage. I don't like the idea to go out and buy some stupid computer like dell.

    sorry for rant, but you will have my karma! :)

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