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Jul 5, 2003
  1. I would like to change the default open window size of a newly created folder in my winxp system. It's way too big..

    Any ideas where this can be set?

    To get an idea do this:

    Create a new folder on the desktop (or anwhere), open it. The very first open window size is what I am talking about.

    The new folder opens at a default size that is dictated by the system somewhere. Where I would like to know..
  2. JSR

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    open windows explorer

    go to view, and select how you wish to view the folders.
  3. nyghd

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  4. poertner_1274

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    I think he is referring to draggin a corner and adjusting the size that way. However you close the folder, will determine how it will open up next time. If you cannot grab a corner, then hit the button that looks like 2 squares in the upper right hand corner and then try to move a corner again. I hope this is what you needed.
  5. GuGoRaKu

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    Thanks Guys but that not the answer I am looking for!

    Do this:

    Create a new folder on the desktop (or anwhere), open it. The very first open window size is what I am talking about.

    The new folder opens at a default size that is dictated by the system somewhere. Where I would like to know..
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It's in Tools - Folder options (I can't remember the exact name)
  7. GuGoRaKu

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    No, its not in Tools / Folder Options AFAIK
  8. acneil

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    Anyone find the answer for this! its so annoying that xp has this setting somewhere and no one, I mean no one can find it! grrrrr!
  9. empyle

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    I agree! This has annoyed me from the very first time I installed XP. I have searched and searched and this thread is the first time I have found anyone else even caring about this.

    2K default windows size is very small and convenient. In XP new windows open big and cover most of the screen. Of course the windows can be resized in both 2K and XP and will remember that size. But I wish I could set the default size so I don't have to resize every new window I create.

    I'm guessing the default is stored in the regi*stry somewhere, but it's probably one of those messy all numeric settings that's very difficult to interpret (and easy to screw up if you're editing it by hand).

    I don't think anyone other than a Micro*soft insider is going to solve this. But I sure wish someone would!
  10. actualtools

    actualtools TS Rookie

    Hi there,

    There are the article "How to Keep Size and Position of Windows Explorer Folders" at ActualTools site
    Maybe it can help you to solve the problem with window explorer folder sizes. Here discussed the program Actual Window Manager, that don't only save and erstore size of windows, but also has 40 handy functions like Stay on Top, Minimize to Tray, Make Transparent, etc.

    Best regards,
  11. ryans

    ryans TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem trying to get Windows Explorer to start up large enough in Windows XP. I like the Details view, and it would always start up too small to show the last column, and wouldn't remember the last size. So every time I started Windows Explorer it came up the default size and I'd have to resize it. So I found a free tool called AutoSizer at South Bay Software that seems to work.

    It automatically resizes Windows Explorer every time I start it, and it works with with your scenario also (create a new folder on the desktop and AutoSizer can resize it every time you open it). I just started using it 10 minutes ago, so no guarantees, but so far so good.

  12. ebolton

    ebolton TS Rookie

    Open a window.
    Manually size it to the size you would like it to open automatically.
    Maximise it using the Maximize Button at the top right.
    Reduce it using the reduce button at top right.
    Close it using the Close Button at top right.
    XP will now remember this setting and will open a new window at the size you selected.
  13. whagen

    whagen TS Rookie

    Not understood?

    Looks to me like a lot of people here didn't understand GuGoRaKu's question. Unless I, too, am understanding, GuGo is wanting to know how can you set the default size of the window for a newly created folder?

    So far, I don't think this has been answered.

    I downloaded Autosizer but didn't try it because information I found said it will only maximize the window size--(apparently) not allow you to set the default size. And, it looks like it's for program windows, not folder windows.

    I tried ebolten's steps. This kept the size of the folder window I adjusted, but subsequent new folder windows are their same old clumsy size.

    Sure would like to know if there's a way to do this. The folder windows routinely cover up other items on the desktop.
  14. ryans

    ryans TS Rookie

    Try AutoSizer

    With AutoSizer I did the following steps:
    - open a new folder (like you want to change the default size for)
    - open AutoSizer
    - select the folder you have open in AutoSizer's "Currently open windows list"
    - press AutoSize button
    - select Resize in the "Action to perform"
    - specify the size you want
    - select "Compare using class name". The class name for me is CabinetWClass.

    So all folder views match that filter, since they're all CabinetWClass. Each time a window of that class is opened AutoSizer resizes it to the specified size.

  15. GuGoRaKu

    GuGoRaKu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20


    Thanks guys,

    I was looking for a tweak in say the registry where I can change some settings that would set the NEW (first open) window size to some specific dimensions. I guess this is one of the things that MS whoud add to the next version! Right now I have big oversize windows in a 1024 with screen. Having grown up from DOS 2.1 days I don't maximise every window like my kids do! A window should be as large as required or as large as I specify..

    (ggrk = GuGoRaKu in my Lingo)
  16. sireddie

    sireddie TS Rookie

    Problem Finally Solved!!!

    I've allso been looking for a way to make new (and old) windows to have a smaller size than the default window size. So today I started google:ing to find a way, and I found this forum amongst others.

    In one of these forums someone mentioned a software that might work. So I downloaded it and gave it a shot. To my suprize it did everything I wanted it to do. Set specific window-sizes (with both old and new windows), specify windows positions and so on.

    My search is now over and I'm a very happy camper now that this anoying issue is finally solved. So do as I did and give it a shot.

    Note that the program isn't freeware and you have to pay for it. If you're a poor fellow and can't afford to buy it there is another way of getting the full version. You'll probably figure out how by yourselves.

    Get the free trial version here:

    Hope this will end your endless search as it did for me.
  17. GuGoRaKu

    GuGoRaKu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20


    Thanks sireddie,

    Will try it out this evening.

    FYI: All my software from Windows XP onwards on my PC is Legal!

  18. edvalentin

    edvalentin TS Rookie

    Changing Windows size default

    To change the default size of your windows do the following. Create you short cut, then open it. Now make it the size you want as your default. Now under tools - folder options - view click Apply to All Folders. Close the window RESTART Windows. Now that will be your default size.
  19. GuGoRaKu

    GuGoRaKu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20


    Thanks, but that does not work on my setup! It probably works in some setups of folders. I use a plain vanilla setting with no fancy features.

  20. edvalentin

    edvalentin TS Rookie

    windows size

    Unless you have "Restore previous folder windows at login" checked. It should work. The setting is under tools-folder options.
  21. GuGoRaKu

    GuGoRaKu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Ed, Its not! Thanks for taking the trouble, please read my first entry and see what I asked.

    I need to set the window size to (MY default size by choice) of every NEW folder that is created.

    When you create a new folder and open, its always a standard size on XP. Once you resize it.. it stays that way.. but the next new one will always be the default size that windows decides for your screen resolution.

  22. Nighted

    Nighted TS Rookie

    Hey Raj,

    I know exactly what you mean...I've also searched a few times before concerning this problem. It gets a bit frustrating when others don't understand what you mean. Ryan's suggestion of AutoSizer does exactly what we want. It works beautifully! I've used another window modifier for years (ZMover), but it doesn't have the ability to modify windows according to class, only titles. This free program definitely found a permanent home on my computers.
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