New global partnership between NVIDIA and the Electronic Sports World Cup

By Julio Franco
Nov 12, 2007
  1. PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 12, 2007. The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) Organizing Committee today announced NVIDIA as the Worldwide and Main Partner of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2008. The ESWC is also announcing that the event’s Grand Final will be held in the USA in summer 2008.

    NVIDIA will support the ESWC preliminaries in over 50 countries and finals in major cities worldwide. The company will also be part of the ESWC International Masters, which regulates the new e-sports pro-season until the ESWC Grand Final 2008.

    Matthieu Dallon, CEO of Games-Services, explains: “NVIDIA has an international reputation for graphics excellence, so they are the ideal partner for us in this event. ESWC champions rely on NVIDIA technology to give them the killer edge in competition. ESWC 2008 is a milestone for us as the Grand Final will be held in the USA for the first time. We made the decision to move because we felt it will be great for competitors, spectators and e-sports as a whole. It’s part of our continuing efforts to ensure ESWC’s skilled cyber-athletes gain the recognition they deserve by creating our most spectacular event ever in California. With representatives from all over the world, this will be a truly global event.”

    NVIDIA has supported ESWC with since the tournament’s creation and continues to be a proud sponsor as it grows and develops. “NVIDIA believes that ESWC is the most authentic and essential e-sports competition in the world,” says Daniel F. Vivoli, Senior Vice President of NVIDIA. “ESWC exists at a very exciting crossroads between new technology, entertainment and sport and we’re delighted to welcome its Grand Finals to California in 2008.”

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