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Dec 29, 2007
  1. hola! mi llamo alberto!
    ha jk
    well i got a small problem that needs some solving, so if you techy guys know what your doing, feel free to help me.. :D

    ok i currently have bought a new graphics card, and its a geforce 8500gt 512mb gddr2 memory. which is a huge upgrade from my geforce 6100 ONBOARD graphics card. notice how i made onboard bold? well thats kinda the problem, when i go to try and install my new graphics card, its kinda confusing.
    ok i uninstalled my current graphics card driver and turned off the computer and inserted my new card (yes its inserted all the way :p ) and pluged my monitor to the card, but guess what? when i turn on my computer, there is like no output to the monitor :s and since it has a onboard video card, i pluged it into the old monitor port, and to my surprise, there is output, so what i'm trying to say is how do i disable my onboard video card through bios. Now, i dont have my mobo or what ever its called lol. but i try to dig my way through there and i noticed that there is like no option to disable the onboard, since my machine is like only 2 years old. the bios is kinda new i guess. and i read somewhere that the newer bios is automated, so when ever you plug in a new card, it should automatically switch to it and disable the onboard card, but i guess that mine is being stupid* hehe. so ya, i was wondering is there a surefire way that you can disable the onboard card...

    well there is this one other thing i tried, which i feel i should tell ya, when i uninstalled my current graphics card driver and inserted the new card in and turned my computer on, with the monitor attached to the new graphic's card driver's port. there is no output. so i just went on and tried to finish the installation, so i pluged it into the old port, and the monitor comes back to life. than i inserted the driver cd that came with my new graphics card and tried to install the driver, but as much to my surprise, when i went to restart the computer, i found that my old geforce 6100 onboard got installed instead of my geforce 8500 :s so I'm kinda at a lost. so if any of you can help me. i would be really greatfull and owe you my eternal gratitude! hehe
  2. lbrtdy

    lbrtdy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh and btw i have a emachines t6528 and i know there is a post saying avoid them, but i think that would have been helpful if i knew this site 2 years ago. but i guess whats done is done, and oh btw, here are some photos.






  3. mailpup

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    You are not actually getting rid of the graphics driver. When you uninstall the driver in the Device Manager, it will always reinstall when you reboot. You should disable the onboard graphics adapter instead of uninstalling it. It would be better if you can disable the onboard graphic on the Advanced Features page of your BIOS. However, don't do any of that just yet. If you disable the onboard but still can't get the new 8500 card to work, you won't have any display at all. You'd have to reset the CMOS.

    If you are getting no display from the new card at all, even the motherboard logo, then it is not likely a driver problem. Before Windows starts, the motherboard logo display you see is driven by the BIOS driver and when Windows starts, the Windows driver (or Nvidia driver) takes over. Maybe your power supply is inadequate to power the new card. What brand and model power supply do you have and what is the amperage on the +12V rail or rails. You will have to remove the side cover of the PC case to see the side of the power supply where this info is stickered.

    Edit: Emachines power supplies do not enjoy the best reputation. It is probably marginal in power.
  4. lbrtdy

    lbrtdy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey, thanks for the quick reply! really appreciate it!

    i just updated the post with cpuz thing. and my power supply is this:

    model ATX-300-12E Rev:Dr
    Imput: 100-127V-6A, 200-240V-3A 50/60Hz
    Output: +12V (line with 3 dots under)/15A
    -12V(line with 3 dots under)/0.8A

    300W Max +5V (line with 3 dots under)/30A, +5VSB (line with 3 dots under)/2A

    +3.3V(line with 3 dots under)/28A

    +5V & +3.3V 180W max
    +5v & +12V & +3.3V & 288W Max

    now, i dont know what that means lol. but hope you can interpret it :p

    my new graphics card says that it needs a 300w pci express compliant system power supply. and i think that its enough isn't it?
    and hold on i will hook up my monitor to the new graphics card and restart my computer to see if there is a logo, be back to post results later, thanks,

    edit: yes there seems to be some sort of output from my new graphics card, on my monitor when there is no output what so ever, the dot on there turns orange and goes to standby, when there is some sort of output, the dot turns green and start displaying stuff. when i pluged my monitor to the new port on the graphics card, and turn on my computer, the dot turns from orange to green for like 4 seconds and than flash back to no output (orange) so i guess that there is some sort of output, but still normally when i turn on the computer, the screen displays a huge "e" for emachines i think. but when i turn it on with my monitor in the new graphics card port, i didn't get that logo, but still there seems to be some sort of output, b/c after all the monitor light turned green for 4 seconds. hope this helps!
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    For the +12V I didn't see an amp number, like 18A or something like that. Watts are not enough by themselves. Different power supplies with the same wattage rating have different amp ratings and that is often the difference between working and not working.

    The E logo is the logo I was talking about. Try shutting down, unplugging the psu and reseat the card to make sure it is in all the way in its slot.
  6. lbrtdy

    lbrtdy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, was a typo :s
    well for +12V there is a 15A right next to it, is that enough to power my new graphics card?
    and yes i tried shutting down my pc and re entering my graphics card, but still i didn't get the E logo. but here is some other information that you might want to know:

    I posted this after my 4th time of failed attempt.
    the first time seemed somewhat successful :s here is the things and results:

    i disabled the current onboard graphics card.
    than opened up my pc.
    inserted the new graphics card.
    pluged monitor into the new port.
    started her up and she ran fine.
    i installed the driver.
    and when it prompted me to restart computer, i press ok.
    computer and monitor turned off. monitor stayed off. computer restarted :s
    i took the plug and pluged it into the old port.

    and thats the end of story lol.
    than i did a system restore and consulted you guys. since it worked fine the first time, but than when the driver installation prompted me to restart. the computer restarted but monitor stayed off. i heard that somewhere, when you have the onboard graphics card enabled, even if you have a new graphics card in the slot. the onboard will take priority and make your pc boot with it, is that true?
  7. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    I could be wrong but I don't think that is correct (about the boot priority). Anyway, I checked around and it seems that the recommended power requirement for the 8500GT is 18A on the +12V rail. You are close so that might explain why it doesn't work when the proper driver is installed and the full power of the card becomes available. I don't suppose you have a better power supply available to you to test with?
  8. lbrtdy

    lbrtdy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wow that seems like a reasonable problem! think that you might be correct, and sadly no, i don't have a better power supply to test with, but i suppose that I can go and invest in a better power supply. and btw, when i get a new power supply, do i have to like "reset" the graphics card, b/c before i was installing a wireless router and every time you fail, you would have to reset it in order to try to install it again, b/c it would remember the previous settings, is there anything to that effect on a graphics card? and how would i go about installing the graphics card afterwards? would i just follow the instructions? and would there be display coming from the port once there is a adequate power source? but than again, thinking of what you said. once i installed the driver, and the card is using its full potential, there wasn't enough electricity, thats why the card was failing; but now the driver itself isn't even installed, since i did a system restore and got all the previous settings back. and still its not giving any display.. so maybe there is a bigger problem than just the power supply?

  9. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    I don't have a good explanation for the inconsistent behavior except for the outside possibility that the graphics card is defective. Is there any way you can test the card in another PC?
  10. ShipMaster

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    I would suggest that you purchase a new power supply.
  11. lbrtdy

    lbrtdy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i don't think that the card is defective, unless that there could be possibility that there were 2 defective cards.. b/c the first time i tried this and didn't work, i returned the card and got a new one. so maybe its the power supply. but like i said, i will go purchase a new power supply. thanks for the help!!
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