New Graphics card installed - blank screen only

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May 18, 2005
  1. Hi,
    Just installed a NVIDIA Ge Force FX5200 graphics card. Only problem is I can't get any picture. Have hunted high and low for answers. All checks state it is compatible with my motherboard. Have tried numerous option in BIOS but still cant manage a picture. I have to keep plugging my monitor in to the on board card to get my picture. If I can get some suggestions that would be great.
  2. isatippy

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    have you used other cards in that slot before and if so did they work fine.
  3. Vigilante

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    Sounds like the BIOS is defaulting to onboard. In DOS mode, it won't show video on both at the same time. You may have to change the "boot order", so to speak, of your video.

    Sometimes it's called like "init display first" or something else which usually alters between "onboard-PCI-AGP" or just "AGP-PCI". You get it.
    If you find and change this setting, it should reverse your problem. You'll get video out the AGP but not the onboard. Hopefully.

  4. maggsy

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    Have tried to change the on board setting. The option it gave is onboard or pci. I dont know if makes a diffierence but it's and agp card i'm using but it doesn't have a agp selection.
    As for the other question this is my first Accelerated graphics card using the graphics slot. I only used the shared graphics on the motherboard beforehand.
    Thanks for the suggestions though. If you have any more I'm more than willing to try anything. :cool:
  5. Vigilante

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    Well if it's only onboard or PCI, you may have to use PCI.

    Other than that, you may have either a defunct video or perhaps incompatibilities. Such as 2x/4x/8x AGP with a mismatched card.

    If you can, look up your motherboard specs and see what type of AGP slot you have. Make sure your card matches those things.
    Also check the video card to see if it has a sepparate power plug. The same plug that goes into your CD-ROM or HDD. If it does have that plug, put some power into it!
  6. maggsy

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    Thanks for your replies and helpful hints. But let me tell you a story. I tried the card on another computer and it worked fine. I tried it again on mine but tried something a little bit different and managed to get it to work. The solution was highly techinical, but I know the solution might come in handy for someone else one day. The solution was, wait for it,
    PUSH IT IN HARDER!! I noticed on the other pc it had a latch to hold ther card in and I had to push quite hard for it to lock in. I gave in a firmer push in on mine when I got home and what do you know, miracles happen. (How embarrassing). But once again thanks for your replies guys, hope I can return the favour some day. :giddy:
  7. Tedster

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    you're lucky you didn't short the card. You really got to make sure they're seated all the way in!

    Also it sounds like your BIOS may be outdated. You may want to flash your BIOS to a newer version to support AGP cards.

    Be VERY careful when you do this, skipping a step or being impatient can wipe out your BIOS chip rendering your computer useless. (You'll then have to get a new EPROM for your BIOS chip. :D
  8. compguy

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    Make sure that your video card, didn't come with a power cable that runs to your power supply.... :grinthumb

    Sebastian :giddy: :giddy:
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