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By Ural_
Apr 18, 2007
  1. Well ive posted a thread like this many times, but this time is for real ive actually bodered to save up some money!!! and finally ready to get a new video card, however by the time it took for me to save up my money my agp slot has pretty much outdated so im needing a new system, I tried my luck on ebay found nothing so Ive spoke to my computer technician and he has found 2 systems for me, both costing $950, however 1 system has a better video card (x1650) however falling behind in cpu and motherboard, the other which has better motherboard and cpu, and includes a lot of extras (TV reciever card, better O.S keyboard an mouse etc) but falls behind in graphics card being a radeon x1300 :( , can people tell me of a graphic card which is around the same price as the x1300, but has much better peformance, because ive heard many bad things about the x1300 not just because it is a low end graphic card but because it has been sold too expensively considering its inferiority. (and btw I live in australia so all prices I mention are in $AUD)

    Can sum please help, I want to get bak to my tech by later today.
  2. Ural_

    Ural_ TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 96

    Can someone please reply ASAP I want to ring the guy today, Id go an research cards myself, but I can't multitask with my current computer any more coz of this stupid virus/spyware crap, it makes a search engine search, seem like a 1gb plus download its soooo slow, but it has little effect on techspot, an someother sites which i do not kno y! lol as you can see thats another reason why i desperatly need another computer!!!!
  3. RamenNoodles

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    Well, we need exact specs to determine what system is best for you.
    And what will you be using your new computer for? Gaming, video/photo editing, movies/pictures, web surfing?

    It all depends on what you plan on doing which will let us decide which is right for your personal needs.
  4. Ural_

    Ural_ TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 96

    Oh, well ill be using the new system for all them uses you just stated, I just dont wanna blow the bank in the process, but really all I am needing to know is the video cards which are around the same price as the x1300 but are BETTER, the types of games ill be playing are f.e.a.r, crysis, far cry, doom3 all that sorta stuff, I know they need a decent graphic card, I just wanna know if theres any graphic card (Nvidia or ATI) that are close to the price range of the x1300, (I can go maybe 50 higher then that tops) and that will let me play them games (excluding crysis) with medium - highish settings and a reasonable frame rate.
    [Edit] (Im looking for a card like that in the 6th-7th Gen of cards) nothing below
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