New Greetings from Ann Arbor, MI

By 20yearsbehind
May 30, 2007
  1. Greetings from Ann Arbor. Frustrated computer student (1974-1978) who ended up majoring in English Lit.... My reputation is always is that I am lagging behind in technology. I have the interest - Just never got on the speeding train of techno progress. Never arrived on the leading wave. Always washed up in the lagging swamp. I'm B&W in a color Plasma world. I will be posting a request next to start a dialogue with a particular member I have been reading about. Ciao!, "20yearsbehind" , Brian
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    Hi Brian, welcome to TechSpot! :wave:

    Please be sure to read the guide in my signature and to search the Web and the TS forums before posting any questions. It would also help if you would fill out your computer's specs in your user profile.

    Enjoy your stay at TS!

    Regards :)
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