New Hard drive

By Firefighter
Mar 18, 2006
  1. HI all
    i got a P3 with 1000mhz
    Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
    BIOS ID 02/19/2001-694X-686B-6A6LJD4NC-00
    Super IO VIA 686 rev 64 found at port 7h
    CHIPSET VIA 82C691 rev 196
    AND I AM running window ME
    i just bought a new 200gig seagate barracuda HD and when i tried to install it it only recognises about 70gig just wanna know if it is worth trying to update the BIOS? to rectify the problem?
    And also when i FDSIK it and Reformat it, it goes all smooth until the last 12minutes of updating files then it takes about 3 hours to install 12 minutes maybe the HD is corrupt? is there anyway i can fix this problem or shall i just send it back to seagate?
    i donwloaded the seagate DISC WIZARD and all the other tools but it didnt even find anything wrong with the hard drive i dont know i have tried everything so thi is my last resort can anybody help me or anybody got any suggestions?
  2. Have you read the manual? I have a seagate 300gb drive (not being used right now), and i didn't have any problems with it, but i do know that for some systems you may need to change a few settings. The hard drive is most likely fine, i would advise looking on Seagate help site . You may have to play with the jumper a little to get your pc to recognize a hard drive of the capacity, or of course you could just upgrade your sys ;)...then again...simply fixing the problem is much cheaper, specially when you can't just afford to buy a whole new sys.
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