New Harddrive Issues

By EfaustuS9
Nov 29, 2003
  1. A friend Recently donated to me a Segate 40GB hardrive (Model ST340810A), which I could certinly use If I could only get my mobo (Shuttle Hot 661 i440bx) to recognise it. The auto detect feature of my bios will not find the hardrive irregardless as to weather I have it as a slave of master. If anyone could provide some help on this matter it would be greatly apprechated.
  2. e-Willem

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    I just had the same problem installing my Maxtor 80gb HD last week. I had to update/flash my BIOS, I knew this was a risky operation, but else I had a useless HD. So go to your mobo┬┤s manufacterer homepage, en download the latest version of the bios for it.
    My mobo is from GigaByte, and luckily they had a good description how to do so, it's very important that you follow procedures from your own mobo manufacter.

    Warning: Flashing you bios can do harm to your computer if anything goes wrong

    So it's at you own risk, but it's likely to be necsesary for your problem.

    Good luck
  3. EfaustuS9

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    not much information on the page concerning Flashing the Bio's though I have dl the newer set. So, my question is if I am to persue this possible resolution, how does one flash the bios and when one does, is it nessisary to reconfigure all the aspects of the bio's or will it remember the prior settings?

  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Important: BEFORE you start, make a note of any special settings you have in your BIOS, especially your harddisk info.

    -format floppy with system files FORMAT A:/S (DONT copy autoexec.bat & config.sys)
    -get AFLASH.EXE from award/phoenix or download it from the BIOS-website
    -copy aflash.exe and bios-file (unzip it first if it came that way) onto the floppy
    (write down the exact name of the bios-update file)
    -set your BIOS to start from floppy (AFLASH only works in DOS-mode, not in Windows
    ================================== and not from a DOS-prompt in Windows)
    -boot from that floppy, you'll be seeing the A:> prompt
    -type AFLASH and press <Enter>
    -at the main menu, type 1 to save current BIOS and press <Enter>
    type the path\filename e.g. A:\org-bios.awd and press <Enter>
    -at the main menu, type 2 and press <Enter>
    The Update BIOS Including Boot Block and ESCD screen appears.
    Type the path\filename of your new BIOS e.g. A:\XXX-XX.XXX and press <Enter>
    -when prompted to confirm the BIOS update, press Y to start the update.
    When the programming is finished, Flashed Successfully will be displayed.
    -follow the onscreen instructions to continue.
    -remove the floppy, reboot and go back into BIOS
    -load the "Setup defaults" in your (new)BIOS and reboot

    If your PC starts alright (hopefully with your new HD recognized), go back in your BIOS
    and apply your special settings and set Boot-sequence back to CD-HD-Floppy or whetever it was
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