New HDD, broken?

By boncuk
Nov 27, 2007
  1. So I bought a new hd becoz the old one broke down. This new one is a 500 gb Western Digital SATAII drive. The first few days it was ok. So I started to copy everything from the old one onto it, something about 150 gb and then I started to use it, very intensive as always. And after the 3rd/4th day it started to make these clicking sounds. The old one that broke down also did this, but it's not the same sound. this one is louder and sometimes clicks in a row. It sounds like when the dentist ticks on your teeth or something (eww stupid example). The first few times I had this feeling that my pc restarted, because it is very similar to the sound that I believe the hd makes when powering up the pc, but then it does it just once.

    Anyway, I had a few times that new memory I bought was busted, could this also be the case with my new hd? Until thursday I have the time to get it back to the shop and get a new one. But they always ask for a good reason, is the clicking sound normal or should they give me a new one?

    Thnx for the help.
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Every Sata HDD that I have used makes a soft clicking sound when it's active. I think it's normal. If you're worried that it's more noise than should be, take it to the shop. They'll be able to run it and decide if normal. Sata drives make 'background level' noise at loudest.
  3. Samstoned

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    I don't think you should hear load clicking from drive
    save your data return drive
    all my sata 1 and 2's are dead silent you have to stick ear right up to them to here the servo motor running

    good luck
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