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Mar 21, 2010
  1. Hey there, newbie here, I've got serious problem with my other computer and would like to know how to fix it. Thanx!
  2. djdizzle

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    I got a serious virus the other day and know my computer won't boot up. I've reinstalled windows before but this time when I put the disk in it tells me "strike f1 to reboot, f2 for setup" I have changed the boot sequence to the cd rom first and have changed the floppy to uninstalled since I don't have one and I still am getting the same error, I have even gone so far as to remove and put back in the BIOS battery. Help would be very much appreciated. I am smart but not a techie guy by any means so a detailed explaination anytime you use techie words would help, thanks!
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    Hello & Welcome;

    Please post in the appropriate forum (General Hardware) for improving of chances to getting help with regard to your issue. Also give complete details about your system's specifications with description of your problem in it. Regards
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    I was trying to defrag my hard drive in my computer but it wouldn’t do it, it kept coming with “ some files can’t defragged “ I’m ruining XP Home on my SONY VAIO I ask question on the web and found a defragmenter from PirForm its free but they do take donation and it did the job an wallah!. A word of advice keep up on your maintenance. Good Luck

    SUJEEB TS Rookie

    Hey frns this is Sujeeb, new to techspot hope we will help each other in future.Have a great time you all.
  6. burg1988

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    "try msconfig in the run command and choose safeboot"
  7. burg1988

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    "go to Belarc Advisor download it and install and it will tell you anything on your system, you mite want you create a new folder for you downloads to go into, call it my downloads and you can put a short cut on the desktop and when your downloads come in put them in it."
  8. burg1988

    burg1988 TS Rookie


    try belarc advisor. burg1988
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