New here! Please help.. lol

By memememe
Mar 5, 2005
  1. Hello There Everyone! I'm new as you can probably tell, Since I am introducing myself right now. The reason I signed up on here, Is because I've been having problems with my computer, And I did a search and found some stuff on the forms here. Lets see.. My computer was going really slow before, So I finally decided to reformat it, Thinking this was going to help it, Well after I did that, I got these weird pop ups, And that turned out to be spyware, Well I fixed that, And then I was getting these weird pop ups saying that there was an error and it had to close, And of course you could click close, Or view/send report, So it didn't matter which one I would click, It would cut off my internet connection, Make my desktop thing look like it was windows 98.. ( It's actaully XP), And then I wouldn't be able to connect to the internet again, Until I restarted, Because it would say that the modem was in use already. So that got really annoying. So again, I reformated. I really hate doing that. And it's been fine for a few days, Then my sister puts back on audio files, And was downloading a song and then it popped up again. Does it have something to do with Audio Or what? The pop up name is.. Generic Host for Win 32 process. Or some crap like that, I contacted Dell before about it, And they told me that they think that it may be linked to HP printers and scanners, And those are what mine are. So you're supposed to call HP and get different drivers or something, Well when I reformated my computer for the 2nd time, I didn't install either the printer or the scanner, Thinking that may have been the problem. So now that it popped up again, I'm not sure on what it is.. So If anyone knows, Please let me know! Thanks a ton. :p
  2. isatippy

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    Hello and Welcome :wave: :wave:
  3. aajvs99

    aajvs99 TS Rookie

    If its still happening i would suggest reformating again (sorry) and not hooking up to the internet (yeah not good i no!) get everything running as well as it was when you got the computer or to your wants and needs. After that go and get Spybot S&D install it make sure it works!!! Then go get Adaware and Microsoft antispyware (only because it has realtime protection) also i hope you have a good antivirus program because this will help as well as the rest of the software (all free!!!) When you get this all set up make sure that your sister is getting her music from a good reliable source (no peer to peer!!!) after that make sure that you run scans on a regular basis! (not all at once!)

    I hope that helps!
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