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By brucey bonus
Nov 12, 2007
  1. hey all. as the title says am new to this. ma main reason for joining is that i don't have a clue about techie stuff and some expertise straight from the horses mouth is priceless. am sure at some stage of the proceedings i might be able to contribute in some way, but for now i need ur help

    i'm having trouble with my windows live messenger. i try and sign in and it tells me i can't sign in, error code 80072745

    i try repair it via troubleshooting and still nothing. i have uninstalled and installed it time and again. there are times i can get in, but the majority of times it won't happen for me

    any assistance on this right royal pain in the hole will be greatly appreciated
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    Hey Ya Brucey Bonus. Could you post this in Misc. Software & Utilities? I did a little reading and you may have a Trojan.

    Or it could be this.


    The fix for this 4882c error is to delete the following reg keys -

    Messenger 8.0: delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger\Policies
    Messenger 8.1: delete

    Be sure to log out, EXIT Messenger then restart for the keys to be refreshed.

    As a general note there were a number of unrelated deployment issues over
    the last few days that all manifested themselves as "unable to sign in"
    situations for Windows Live Messenger. In the event you cannot sign in we
    recommend you sign into in the interim. We take these
    situations very seriously and are working very hard to ensure Messenger is
    robust enough to recover from issues like these. We humbly appologize for the
    inconvenience this has caused our users and we have added new code to our
    latest 8.1 build such that it can recover if this situation is encountered
    again. This new build is in its final stages of verification and should be
    available very soon for our valued beta testers.

    Thank you so much for your patience as we put the final touches on the next
    release and thanks for helping us make Messenger even better.

    MartyS - Test Manager Windows Live Messenger

    "James Armstead" wrote:

    > Live Messenger gets to the server.. becuase if i have Windows Messenger open
    > it will kick it off when live attempts.. but then its like it cant do
    > something.. ive looked in the logs and it looks like something about getting
    > the contacts list.. i have tried re-registering dlls, adding htings to the
    > host file, shut off all of my virus scan/firewall... re-installed msn, took
    > my computer out from behind the router.. nothing has fixed it.. it works on
    > my other computer that is behind the router.. but not this one.. any ideas?"

    from HERE.
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