New ISP technology WiMAX will supercede DSL and cable

By Phantasm66
Sep 16, 2004
  1. WiMAX, a new technology which can provide wireless internet access to homes in entire cities, is likely to replace DSL and cable as the means by which folks get on-line.

    Described as being "to DSL as cellular was to landline", WiMAX shares many features with Wi-Fi, including low cost. And we all know how popular things that are low cost are.

    Intel has begun shipping samples of WiMAX chips to customers, and WiMAX should be getting built into Centrino notebooks as soon as next year.
  2. So does this mean that the world wide p2p wifi network I have been dreaming about is getting closer to reality?
  3. AdrianScotter

    AdrianScotter TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Nah, what this means is ultra fast virus propagation, more snooping than ever as inexperienced users try to set themselves up for WiMAX and a burgeoning 'techspot' as may people around the world (bless 'em all) get completely stuffed! Me? A pessimist? ...but I still think my galss is half full, honest.
  4. AdrianScotter

    AdrianScotter TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Er, even my glass is half full. Must be my wireless keyboard getting interference..... damn these things with no wires!
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