New Linux based PDA out soon!!

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Here is something I found talking about the new Linux based PDA. It has tons of features and looks really promising and is made by Sharp. Enough from me, check it out:

Wireless Communications

With optional peripherals and Sharp Mobile Services you can have wireless connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Keyboard and Sliding Cover

Sharp's clever integrated keyboard design allows easy data input without sacrificing space. Edit text or e-mail effortlessly with a standard QWERTY keyboard.

CompactFlashâ„¢ and SD Expansion Slots

Sharp combines the best of both worlds by offering two expansion slots. Two slots allow you to add two peripherals simultaneously such as a CompactFlashâ„¢ modem card and SD memory card. This seamless design makes upgrading easy and simple

Mobile Multimedia

Sharp's color LCD technology and high powered processor deliver top quality multimedia for all corporate and personal needs. The SL-5500 has a 3.5" 65,536 Color Reflective TFT Front-Lit Screen with 240 x 320 resolution for outstanding graphics and clarity, indoors or out.

Stereo Headphone Jack

Listen to your favorite music or movie clips anytime, anywhere.

Stylus and Touch Screen

In addition to the SL-5500 built-in QWERTY keyboard, the stylus and touch screen allows you to navigate through applications with ease.

One-Touch Access

One-Touch Access allows you to instantly view calendar, address book, menu and e-mail with just one press of a button.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Rechargeable and replaceable long-life battery and easy recharge.

Linux® / Java™ Based Platform

Linux® and Java™ based architecture provides a powerful and open operating environment - allowing many Linux and Java developers to write applications for the SL-5500, and integrated into various enterprise environments.

CPU StrongARM(1) SA-1110, 206MHz1

Platform Linux2 based embedded OS (Embedix3) QT Palmtop Environment, Personal Java4

Display Reflective TFT LCD with Front Light (touch sensitive panel supported), 3.5" with 240x320 pixel, 65,536 colors


Input Device Touch Panel, QWERTY keyboard with a slide cover

Card Slot 1 compact Flash Card5 slot, 1 SD card slot (no copyright protection feature)
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