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Ok, media centrre experts, pin back your lugholes if you will please. :)

I'm moving home soon and want to build a new network incorporating media centre pc's for our 3 boys. I want them to replace their existing; tv's, hi-fi's and dvd players and be good for gaming.
So they will need tv tuner cards, dvd drives, and good gfx cards.
I'm no noob to building rigs, as its part of my job as IT Manager, but i've never really got into the media centre side of it, and am now wanting to.
We have an xbox 360 which will integrate nicely with one of them for gaming AND to add to the whole media centre thing. I'm also wondering if i can incorporate a freeview box with each one as well (obviously i'm in the UK)
I only really build intel machine nowadays, as AMD are always playing catchup to the core2duo, so i'd like to use small form factor (or the smallest possible) cases with:
core2duo E6400 (or similar)
2Gb ram
250Gb hdd
DVD-rw drive
pcie 7900GS

I'll probably go wireless with Virgin's 10mbit broadband cable modem to avoid me channelling cat5e everywhere (although i won't rule hardwiring out just yet)
I don't really see wireless being an issue, as its doubtfull that there will be tons of streaming media content on the go at any one time.

Like i said, i'm no noob, but i definitely need advice in this area.

Many thanks for any advice offered.
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