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By recongunny
Feb 3, 2006
  1. Hello, just want to do a short introduction. Have just returned to computers after a 20-year hiatus -- worked with an IBM 360 during the last few years I was in service; my PC at that time (1983-1985) was a Commodore 64 (Dark Ages, huh?). Now I'm using a Gateway with Windows XP Home as a desktop, expecting delivery of another Gateway Laptop with WinXP Home and a Belkin G wireless router so I and my wife can access the Internet with our laptops (she uses a Dell with WinXP). I have Norton SystemWorks installed on the desktop for AV and firewall protection and both Ad-Aware and SpyBot SD for spyware protection on all the computers. Sue's laptop came with a 90-day trial version of Norton Internet Security; I'm considering installing AVG when the trial period expires because I've read such good reviews about it. I ran across this website while hunting for answers for a problem I had and was very impressed with the amount of useful information it contained and helpful attitude of the members. I figure that I will be spending a lot of time on this site. My major interests are surfing the Web and "flying" flight sims.
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