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By Soulhunter
May 11, 2007
  1. hello! I am an IT professional and tech hobbist from Minnesota, USA.

    I'm often frustrated in my work at how often we encounter a problem and have to ask, "have you ever seen anything similar to ...?" Naturally I'm a big proponent of information sharing. I often find myself browsing knowledge bases, forums and boards in the effort to find pointers, if not specific answers.

    I work for the Dept of Veteran's Affairs, and have an local architecture of more than 700 workstations, a combination of PCs and thin clients. Security and privacy are primary issues.

    At home I have a small network of completely heterogenous PCs, running windows XP, Win 2K, Edubuntu, debian, and Xubuntu. With the exception of the laptop, I've done all the hardware myself. If I don't know the answer to a hardware issue, at least I can shake my head in sympathy and you'll know it's heart-felt.

    My interests are in distributed computing environments, encryption, security and privacy issues, and squeezing the most out of yesterday's cutting edge technology.
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    It is Done
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    Hi, pleased to meet you.
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