New mobo and CPU with old Hard Drive

By james_k1988
Mar 7, 2005
  1. i've got a chance 2 get a new mobo and cpu (pentium 4 board and cpu) but i dont really wanna have to format my system, i am currently using a foxconn mobo and a AMD Sempron 2600+ cpu. Now i have got new mobos before but have always formated the drive and backed all ma stuff onto a spare HD. Which was cool cause ma HD was usually f***ed anyways. But for the first time it isnt and everything is hte way i want it. If i put the new mobo and cpu in and wire up my existing hard drive as it is will it still work? or will it conflict with hte old settings and casue me to format?

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    bugger, i thought as much lol thanx 4 ure help
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