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New Mobo and Proccessor

By Arnoldo
Jan 12, 2006
  1. Ok lads I need help. My computer is running super slow these days and a while back ago I Oc it to 3200xp by changing the settings from 166 to 200 in the bios. It was ok for a while but now thinks are starting to freeze and programs are starting to crash. The spec is listed below. My hard drive is only 40% used. Windows media player has stopped working as there is an error in the registery as well

    So I was thinking of gettin a new MoBo and Proccessor to sort this. Max is £200 I think for both. I want to stay athlon. I also want a AGP MoBo so that I can keep my graphics card and then at a later date upgrade the Mobo to PCI-E and The graphics card as well but keep the proccessor. Hope that makes sense.

    My idea was : E.g Athlon64 3500 and a new mobo with AGP.

    Cheers for any help


    Make: Multivision
    Model: IonixGo
    Processor: 2500xp – Oc to 3200xp
    Processor Speed: 1.83 GHz – Oc to 2.2
    Ram type: DDR
    Ram: 1280 Mb
    Ram Speed: 333 MHz
    Hard Drive: 160 GB
    Graphics: Leadtek 6600GT
    Graphics Ram: 128 MB
    Motherboard: MSI kn72
    Monitor: 18 inch TFT
    Drive Bay 1: CD-Rewriter
    Drive Bay 2: DVD Player
    System: Windows Xp
  2. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    perhaps you overlooked this, but you're running your FSB at 400MHz when your memory can only handle 333MHz. Also, how did you come up with a total of 1280MB of RAM??? (I can see 1256, but 1280?), for now until you get your new mobo and CPU, you should drop the FSB back down to 166MHz unless you have some PC3200 to replace the PC2700 with. You will need PC3200 if you upgrade to an Athlon64 anyways, so add it to your list

    As far as CPU sockets go, socket939 is the best, and leaves the most wiggle room for future upgrades, but since your budget is tight, you should go with a socket754 mobo and CPU, I don't have specific suggestions as to which ones, just get the board you want, then get an Athlon64 with the largest L2 cache you can afford (or get a sempron754 with 256MB L2 cache, and upgrade later)
  3. Arnoldo

    Arnoldo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    I had just bought 2x512mb 400Mhz memory chips a while back but I had to put 256mb 333Mhz I orginally had in as the computer would everynow and then go to a blue screen and reboot. By adding in the 333Mbz ram it worked dead on like.

    Can I get a Mobo with both AGP and PCI-E slots or would you not reccomend it? I have heard they are good?

    Cheers Arnoldo
  4. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    1. what do you mean you had to put the 256MB chip in? you should only use the two 512MB chips, leave the 256MB out of the system, it may have rebooted on you because you overclocked the CPU beyond it's maximum.

    2. you can get a mobo with both PCI-e and AGP, but it defeats the purpose of PCI-e. The boards that run both slots run them each at 8X (when true PCI-e is 16X)

    Some people say that video cards can't even utilize the 8X speed, nevermind 16X, but even if that's the case, as technology gets better, the utilization will be there and your combonation AGP/PCI-e board will not be able to run it at full speed.

    I don't think any of your components are bad, but if you're going to build a new system, replace everything (why hold a new system back with an old component). If you really want to build new, but keep your vid card for a while due to the cost, then get an AGP MoBo becuase out of those 3 components (CPU, MoBo, Video Card) the motherboard is the cheapest to upgrade later.
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