New mobo replacement doesn't boot up at all, tried about everything

By sleep
Feb 25, 2005
  1. I recently purchased a foxconn barebone system. I got it up and started with an athlon xp 2200+ cpu. Evrything was working fine, until I decided to update the BIOS. Long story short, I had to get a new mobo. So I ordered the same exact mobo and installed and replaced the cpu and evrything else, but it won't boot up. The monitor shows nothing. I have all fans spinning. After power up, the power led comes on and stays on, the HDD led comes on for a split second (the HDD doesn't sound like its trying to move at all), and I hear a short beep. I tried clearing the CMOS by moving the jumper as well as taking out the battery. I tried the removing evrything but cpu and memory procedure and I get nothing :( . What could be the problem? I could use any advice and suggestions, guys. Thanks.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    bad board?
  3. sleep

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    if the board is bad should send it back to newegg where i bought it or to foxconn that manufactured it. And what info will they need?
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