New Monitor Woes

By Stonking
Mar 3, 2007
  1. Hi, I changed my monitor from an old 13inch CRT to a 19inch Samsung 940BF but now when I go onto some web pages e.g, the page is all over the place with writing on top of itsself. Anyone know what I have to change to get it right? I looked at encoding on Internet Explorer and have it set to Auto but it has not helped.

  2. tweaks_sav

    tweaks_sav TS Rookie Posts: 186

    I doubt that the issue is the monitor. It's how the browser is rendering the page. Make sure that you have updated Flash and Java.

    Does Firefox give you the same problem at the same sites?
  3. Stonking

    Stonking TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Tweaks, I have downloaded the latest version of flash and Java but no improvement. I do not have firefox on my PC. Any other ideas?


    Just downloaded firefox and it does not have the same problem as internet explorer, however when I access the bbc web page via AOL it still has the problem. Do I have to change something to look at the internet via firefox not explorer and if so how do I do it.


    Hi, Me again. A good example of my problems is on the techspot front page. The "In the spotlight" bit, the section that keeps changing is all written on top of itsself, the rest of the page looks fine. Any ideas?

  4. tweaks_sav

    tweaks_sav TS Rookie Posts: 186

    How about the text-size:
    View -> TextSize -> Medium
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