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By Calitiki
Feb 5, 2010
  1. I have worked with computers related to my work since 1965 with punch cards to find passenger loads so I could calculate a safe fight to destination with Canada's National Airline for 27 years. Before that I did a stint in the Royal Canadian Air force as a pilot under training and as an Air traffic controller in Montreal and Quebec province. We started to get serious with flight planning using computers in the 1970's where we filled in the spaces in a dos type menu, in a few minutes it would send us information to help us plan the route. After that we got more serious and input fuel burns at different altitudes different winds different temperatures threw it into the computer- Still was using tape- and the we got a more better information until today we can directly input it into the flight computer of the aircraft while in the air and, subject to the Captain's concurrence, it will re flight plan the flight new route or whatever change all in less than one minute. I retired from the airlines and taught Air Law for a bit until they wanted to send me to Saudi Arabia to teach there. I said no as I had a horse operation going on which need my full time. Used the computer there to run all the financial operations and riding school attendance teachers schedule horse use and vet visits. It was a great help. In the early 80's I was asked if I wanted to learn more about computers IBM was giving free of charge to all airline employees but stupid me I had too many thing to do and not thinking too much about the future so my assistant took it. He is still working in the six figure salary fun traveling first class all the way. Oh well now you know
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