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Feb 4, 2005
  1. I'm seriously considering upgrading my current Pentium IV to this My current processor has 512KB of level two cache, but this one has 1024, however my motherboard manuel says that the ZIF socket on it is designed for socket 478 Pentium IV with 512KB L2 cahce. My question is would it really matter if I got this processor with 1024KB L2 cache or would I have problems, or have no performance boost at all.

    My motherboard:
  2. vnf4ultra

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    What cpu do you have now? More cache is always better :) . I think that cpu will work because your motherboard is listed as "prescott ready". 1024kb cache means it's a prescott.
  3. Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

    STOP!!!! Nooooo!!!!!!


    If your P4 has 512K Cache it's a Northwood
    the one with 1024K Cache is a Prescott

    1.Prescott runs 40% warmer than Northwood
    2.Performance is sometimes even less than Northwood
    3.It's a waste of money

    Believe me I have a prescott 3ghz cpu
    it's warm and loud
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    Where did you hear or see that the prescott is outperformed by Northwood?

    Sleepy: What speed CPU do you have now?
  5. Sleepy88

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    What else do you want to know about my processor? It's clocked at 2.5 ghz, I have had it for about a year now.
  6. Sleepy88

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    Hmmm, ehhh, thats not good, I'm pretty sure mine is northwood though since it is 512. I don't really know anything about cooling (I just use the fan//heatsink that came with my CPU) but have tried buying a bigger fan//heatsink for your CPU batman?
  7. SNIL

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    I have the 3 ghz Prescott hooked up to a liquid cooling system. I play games on it and runs at about mid 50's celcius. I would not recommend putting money into this chip especially if you already have a Northwood.
  8. Sleepy88

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    I c, mine is running at 34 Celsius right now. I guess I'll put the money into a new graphics card or RAM. Thanks for the input from everyone.
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