New PC build adivce

Hello guys.

I'm want to upgrade my current system which I use for 70% gaming and 30% After Effects/Photoshop.
I have a 3440x1440 75Hz Freesync monitor and I'd like to futureproof it for 4-5 years on that resolution at min.75 fps with high/ultra settings.
I don't have a specific budget limit but I would like good price/performance.

Current rig:
  • Asrock Z170 Pro4
  • Intel i5 6600k (4c/4t) @ 4500 MHz
  • Gigabyte RTX 2060 OC
  • G.Skill Ripjaws 2x8 GB 3000MHz

For the GPU RTX3080 or the RTX3070 will be enough?

Single core preformance is top priority as both games and AfterEffects relies on it.
For the CPU I was looking at the 10600k (250EUR) or the 10700k (365EUR).
10600k seems to be the better deal, but will it be enogh on the long run?

I'm not in a rush, and also getting the new RTX cards might take a while :) should I wait for Intels new CPU linup before I decide?

Thaks for any advice.


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You are in a good spot. The rig you have is still viable. Lets see what AMD comes up with for Zen3 and the new 5000 series CPUs (Oct 8th). There should be some serious competition there for Intel's dominance in single thread performance (that's the rumour). It will affect pricing. Either of those RTX cards will work but the 3080 is just that much nicer eh? Since you want to futureproof, you should pick parts closer to the top of the pile but not the top parts as they are not good bang-for-the-buck choices.