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By Gerry K
Aug 11, 2007
  1. I'm thinking of purchasing a Dell XPS 410 (or should I buy a smaller unit). I have a choice of either ordering the XP or Vista Premium OS. I here that XP will only be supported until 2011. I subscribe to Ameritech DSL service. Also I'm an average user so any advice on memory, video card, hard drive size and processor etc. would be appreciated. (not a big gamer at all). Comments please.

  2. Tedster

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    XP will be in service for quite some time. By 2011, you will have a newer computer anyway. Vistas still has a lot of driver issues and peripheral support issues, so unless you're willing to accept that risk, stick with xp.
  3. mrbrown

    mrbrown TS Rookie

    yup, i agree with tedster... if you like vista give it sometime to fix their bugs and once they are stable then go for it......
  4. sbgsus

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    I would stick with XP. But there's Vista SP1 due for release pretty soon (already been leaked on the net) which should address any major bugs and performance issues; If Vista's swish aero interface and so on take you're fancy.... then go for that... otherwise, go XP.

    As for the Dell... It's pretty high-range (1TB storage, blu ray drive, 4gb RAM)

    If you're the average user, I would suggest cutting back on a few of these things. Dell also isn't very flexible when customizing what you want in the machine... so better yet... build your own PC (pretty easy... and you know exactly what componants you are putting in... thus saving money)
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