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May 14, 2006
  1. I just assembled my own bare bones system and am not getting video. I have a asus p5pl2 board with a pentium d processor, 512mb ddr2 dimm, 600w p-sup, 7300 egeforce pci express grafix card plus floppy, cd-rom and various. I cant get video hence no feedback to gauge what is wrong. At start up there is only one beep. All of my fans, case, cpu and hard drive are powered up. The standby led on the motherboard stays on even after standard post. I have tried disconnecting all of my components, clearing cmos even replaced the video card. I am stumped and out of ideas.
  2. Rik

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    Check that there arent any mobo mounts shorting the back of it out.
  3. Oscar

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    Thanks Rick. I handled my mobo with care and sized the mounting studs so that the i/o portion would be free of shorts, grounds or faults. This is due to my 10 plus years of experience as an electrician. Good idea! It turns out that the great deal I got from the retailer wasn't so great as I had to get a series 0509 bios chip overnighted to me. My knowledge of BIOS flashing is limited so I chose to have ASUS send me one. I am trying to get the retailer to pay for the shipping charge.
  4. Rik

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    So, the bios chip was damaged?
  5. Oscar

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    existing chip not on par with pentium d

    According to Charlie from intel I need the latest version otherwise I have a very large box with wires only. The bios chip that came with the board only recognizes P-4 chips. My bad. Today I get the new one and I am looking forward to firing it up. I have spent most of today reading up on install procedures, Bios configuring and most common problems with this board. It seems like undersizing Psus, under voltage, under current and heat build up lead to instability and shut downs. Years ago I talked my family into rewiring their three flat and upgrading their electrical service to 200 amperes. Now is when I get to reap the benefit from all of that power. I have a dedicated 20 amp isolated ground, outlet backed up by a Square D surge protector just waiting to feed. Back to the BIOS. I hope that this is the cause of the flaw.
  6. Rik

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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! But if you still dont have any luck then i will try to help further.
  7. Oscar

    Oscar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    power supply problem

    It turns out my mobo needed over 24A of power on the 12v leg. This was causing me to not get any video. Since my last post I have replaced the p-sup and fired up for the first time today. It is working and has posted and everything. I am setting up it up over the weekend.
  8. The_Jargon

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    That's an awful lot of effort for one computer.
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