New PC QX6850 8800GT not working

By wowbaby3002 ยท 7 replies
Dec 1, 2007
  1. please help me, i just got my brand new parts for my PC and i'm having extreme problems, first off my processor is the QX6850, i have 2 eVGA 8800 GT superclocked cards, eVGA 680i nForce LT SLI motherboard, 4gb OCZ ram (duel channel 2x2gig sticks) 1000 watt ultra powersupply.... and i bought windows vista... first off i booted up first boot and had problems the pc went through the boot sequence and had to restart, after the restart i have NO SIGNAL on my monitor, i unhooked everything took out the graphics cards, the ram, the processor, the power, and put everything back only this time i only used one video card not the two SLI and it booted up read my vista disk and started installing vista on my hard drive... after i got through the initialization which took about 40 minutes it had to restart and it restarted and never came back up... NO SIGNAL on monitor, i tried a cold restart still nothing... i'm not sure whats going on.... it turns on but wont show anything and stays running really fast not how it was when the vista program was running.... /cry
  2. Computer~freak~

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    if i were you i would try installing xp then if that dosnt work blame it on some fualty hardware or a screwed up bios =D

    PS.I love the parts u bought
  3. kirock

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    Sounds like main board RAM issue, try running with only 2 sticks at a time. Check your BIOS and make sure your FSB is at the right freq. (I'd guess either 266 or 333MHz) so you should be running DDR2 or 3-1066 or higher.

    Edit: oh I forgot to say "Beatch" Pff QX6850, can you buy a better cpu please. (sarcasm, jealousy and humor all for your reading pleasure)
  4. wowbaby3002

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    i don't think its a ram issue, i called eVGA and he told me i needed to update my BIOS for it to support the new QX6850 processor, anyone else have a problem like this with your 680i LT board not supporting these new quad core extremes without a Bios Flash?
  5. nickc

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    when they first come out with new processors it is not uncommon for some boards to be sold that have to have BIOS updates to run them and lots of newer BIOS updates have been coming out.
  6. dustin_ds3000

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  7. wowbaby3002

    wowbaby3002 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i figured it out, turned out i did need to flash my bios, i flashed the bios with the p06 update and clocked my processor down to 1024 mhz and disabled the second two cores, core 2 and core 3, to make it run more stable, i was able to get it to boot up and flash with a floppy without having to buy a different cpu but yea, i got i all running updated and drivers installed then i clocked the cpu back up enabled the cores, hooked up my SLI and this comp friggen screams now... cod4 is amazing on it... thx for all the help :D
  8. kirock

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    Good job wowbaby.
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