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By Stain
Oct 16, 2007
  1. Hi I'm from South Africa and I'm thinking of buying a new PC soon.

    Now I checked out and they have awesome prices just they only ship to US & Canada.

    My budget is R12 000 (about 1800 USD) in South Africa PC's are alot more expensive and some parts aren't even available all the time.

    Is there anyway for me to be able to buy a PC in states and get it to me in South Africa and also how much would this cost me?

    I think parts are more expensive here cause we probably end up paying for the shipping of each individual part, if a I bought a PC online - already made or ready to build - and had it shipped here would it be cheaper?

    The thing is 1800 usd would get me (in the states)
    3.0 ghz core2 duo
    2 gb of ram
    8800 GTX
    17'' LCD monitor
    Asus mobo with SLI and dual PCI-E
    800 Watt PSU
    Nice Case
    320 gb SATA II HD

    in South Africa the same thing would cost me around 3000 USD

    sorry I'm not being 100% specific but I'm looking for the best bang for my buck. (looking for a gaming rig btw)
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