new pentium 4 chip: now system won't boot

By kcseb ยท 11 replies
Jan 29, 2006
  1. Hi all

    I recently bought a Pentium 4 chip (SL7D8: 2.8GHz Prescott, 1MB cache, 533FSB) to replace my Celeron 2.4.

    It should be compatible with my Dell Dimension 2400 system, my motherboard specs are:

    Motherboard Model : 0G1548 Rev. A00
    CPU Slot/Socket Type : mPGA-478
    Chipset Vendor : Intel i845G Rev. A1

    However the computer won't even boot with the new processor - could the chip be dead? Unlikely I know. I've tried different PSUs, resetting the BIOS and flashing to the latest BIOS.

    The only other thing I can think of is that it's a Prescott and my motherboard doesn't like these, could this be the problem?


  2. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    Prescotts came out after the i845 chipset. You should check and see if there's a motherboard BIOS update that supports the prescott CPU's. Start at Dell's site.
  3. kcseb

    kcseb TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yep I tried the Dell site for a BIOS update and the latest one they had was what I already had, about 3 years old so looks like there haven't been any new updates.

    Oh dear looks like I can't use a Prescott, unless anyone knows otherwise?
  4. phuklok1

    phuklok1 TS Rookie

    Without a bios update that will support the processor, it wont work. I also dont think the board meets the power req'mnt for it.
  5. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    I am pretty sure that is correct and also that the Prescott Core where the ones that have hyperthreading which means they were on the 800FSB. There not compatible with the 845 chipset. I think you need at least an 865 for that to work correctly.
  6. kcseb

    kcseb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys for all the I can't run this chip in my machine (Dell haven't updated the BIOS since Prescotts were launched!)

    I'm going to get a Northwood processor instead. Does anyone know if I may have harmed the Prescott chip by putting it in my PC and trying to boot up? I'm asking because I need to sell it on if possible.


  7. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    Well it is possible but the chip should still be fine. I doubt it harmed it at all.
  8. haggis1606

    haggis1606 TS Rookie

    I have a Dell Dimension 2400
    I have upgraded most of it
    its now a
    1gb DDR ram
    128mb Nvidia 6200
    80&120gb hd's
    and other pointless stuff.

    I am wanting to upgrade the proccessor to something with h/t. I have been using HWinfo (a very popular and great program for finding out great detail about your system e.g models, chipsets etc )
    But it thinks I have a h/t processor. Im not sure about this, since i dont think dimension 2400's come with h/t's

    I was thinking maybe the processor is h/t but the bios doesnt accept it so its just ignored it. Or maybe the program is wrong, although very unlikely, I suggest you guys have a look, they offered a trial version.

    I was wondering if updating my bios would show me more options, such as enabling h/t support etc. I dunno just an idea.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated,

  9. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    What chipset do you have on your motherboard?
  10. haggis1606

    haggis1606 TS Rookie

    intel 845GEV according to the program. I think that just comes under the G model.
  11. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    Your Motherboard won't be compatible with any h/t processor. You will have to replace that as well.
  12. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Nope, while there are prescotts with HT, there are also ones that run on the 533mhz fsb.

    However that is true.

    my advice to kcseb is to quick get a Northwood CPU, or replace the mobo. Northwoods are becoming very hard to find.
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