New Problem with 2 OS on 2 Hard Drives

By The_Watcher_911
Nov 27, 2005
  1. This is really weird

    I have an old seagate with win 2000 as a backup OS in case of anything. I was going to use that to copy all my data w/OS from my Maxtor HDD to my new WD HDD. I also have a 2nd MAxtor HDD in there as a slave.

    For some reason my Seagate coudln't read my recent MAxtor HDD & saw it as jibberish. I ran scandisk on it it turned everything on that drive in to *.chk files. It that wasn't bad enough I was able to install win XP on my WD HDD but I can't make it a master drive. AT bootup it keep saying missing ndfs or ndfs, press control alt delete. The only way that system works is if I have my old seagate as the master.

    What is going on?? I want the WD as the master.......
  2. Tedster

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    your boot sectors may have the incorrect info. You may have really scrambled the info now. So, set your WD as master (select jumpers) and your maxtor as slave. Now format and install your OS on your primary HD. You will also have to format the second.

    If you have an OS on a second HD the computer sometimes gets confused. The HD is telling the computer that it's the primary, even though it isn't.
  3. The_Watcher_911

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    Yeah I scrambled up info on my Maxtor 30 gig HDD cuz it had an OS also. When I made it a slave and my seagate master read the drive it couldn't understand anything on that drive. So I can scandisk on it & now it converted everything on there to *.chk files
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