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Hi all,

Im currently running an Athlon 3800+ X2 processor. I notice a bit of lagg on some of the applications that im running and i think its proberly the processor, I've been told that its causing a bottleneck as I am running a 7600GT GPU and that upgrading my GPU will make little difference without a new processor.

I was wondering what the next logical upgrade for my CPU would be.

I was looking at something like this

But i was unsure if it would be compatible with my system.

Can you please give me some advice on what the best upgrade would be.


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in theory you can upgrade to 6000 X2 provided your PSU is beefy enough.
the 6000 uses over 100W just for itself.


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The 6000+ uses 125w
The 5600+ uses 89w,,30_118_9485_13041^13076,00.html

There should be no bottleneck with that combo. When's the last time you de-fragged your HD? Disk clean-up? Virus and spyware scan? Do this first.

What quality psu and how many amps does it have?
Is your 3800x2 socket 939 or AM2? You need to know these things before slapping a new cpu in (if you need it?)
The 3800x2 comes in either 90nm or 65nm and 89w or 65w. A concern if upgrading to know what you have and what you want to do.

The 5600+ would be your best bet if you change the cpu or upgrade your psu and get a 6400+ when they come out (soon I think).


Did diskclean up regular.
No spyware of viruses just checked.

3800 i got atm is a 939 socket i think.

Gonna check my motherboard and find out if its compatible with the 5600.
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