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Apr 15, 2007
  1. I'm looking at getting a new PSU because what people told me about this one i'm using now scared me a bit in case it all went tits up :p

    its a Trust 370w with a +12V of 15A...however when i run PC wizard 2006 it says +12V 11.3, not sure if it's the same thing but i thought 15A was low enough in the 1st place.

    As i'm looking at getting a new graphics card i don't want to chance it with his PSU. So basically i'm asking if you guys can find me the best PSU for under £50. The only problems i have with them is that i'm never sure if they are compatible with my mobo, a ASRock 775 Dual-Vsta. That has 20 pin ATX power connector with a 4 pin 12V power connector. It doesn't have to be a huge wattage PSU either, i only have the standard stuff inside (dvd-rw, 1 hdd, pentium d, ati 9200 so nothing major). But i need this to be able to handle the sapphire ati x1650 pro/xt. I know i'm asking for alot but i'm sure you guys can work some magic :D

    also i would like it to be from either or or any other TRUSTED retailer ;)

    thanks in advanced
  2. eazy_duz_em

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  3. Billy213

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    Yeah i was looking at that one too. Do you think that a X1650 XT would work alright with my previous PSU? Or would i be taking a risk by sticking with it?

  4. CCT

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    If you truly have 11.3 volts on your single 12v bus the psu is scrap.

  5. Billy213

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  6. CCT

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    Looking at your mobo, I would suggest you move up 1 model to the 430 if you want Seasonic.

    My opinion only. Just allows some 'leg' room.

  7. raybay

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    For the graphics board you propose, I would upgrade to a 500 Watt power supply.
    The ratings you posted are standard. They do not, however, tell you anything about performance under load.
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