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Aug 17, 2007
  1. I bought some new ram, I currently have two sticks of 512MB (1GB) and I just bought 2GB (1gbx2). I took my old memory out and put the new ones in. Then I turned on the computer, it lights up and beeps. And that's all, it won't fully start. Emachines tech help is crap, so I'm relying on this.

    Someone told me to try changing my memory voltage to 2.5v, but a emachines tech person told me there is no option for me to change my memory voltage.

    Heres my motherboard specs. (I think)

    Heres my current RAM specs

    And then, heres the RAM I bought: 2GB 2 X 1GB PC2700 RAM 1 GB PC 2700 2100 MEMORY 184PIN - (eBay item 150148878957 end time Aug-11-07 00:04:22 PDT)

    So does anyone know why it's not working?
  2. Tedster

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    Of course you read the e-crap machine FAQ at the top of this page and the updating ram guide and the bios beep guide in the guides forum before posting this question.
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    well there are different beeps for different problems in your machine, if it is a RAM problem it will do a short beep followed by a continuous beep, if that is what you are getting, it will be the RAM is not installed correctly, incompatible with your system or it will be broke, you can break RAM stick easily, the static on your skin can fry RAM sticks, if it is not this beep please do tell me what beep you are getting.
    hope this helped
  4. hynesy

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    RAM is a funny mistress, faulty RAM on one computer may cause the computer to beep on other computers is maybe cause the display and boot to fail. Also check the the RAM is correctly seated and check your BIOS settings to ensure Dual Channel RAM setting is enabled (if you want dual channel ram, which is recommended if both RAM sticks you are installing are "matched" sticks). If you do not want dual channel RAM make sure the option is disabled.
  5. Tedster

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