new sata drive comes up as dvd drive :(

By miyagi_2
Sep 19, 2006
  1. hello IT guru's

    I am running on a foxconn 945 (PLAC) which should support 4 sata drives. I just bought a new seagate 320GB sata drive, same as my old drive, so now i have two.

    Now i thought these sata drives were meant to just work magically but i guess i have to do something here.
    Windows recognises the drive and says the device is working properly, the problem is that in 'my computer' it comes up as a dvd drive. (ie please insert disk when clicked). In the drives properties when i go volumes -> populate, its type is unknown, and it has no volume (letter).

    Im not sure about this whole RAID thing, in my bios the sata controller is set to "enhanced"... i tried "sata only" but that didnt help, and i noticed that is said ports 2 and 4 nearby in one of the nearby sata options. so i tried using different sata ports on the mobo but it didnt change anything, i think that both drives are set as IDE masters in the bios which confuses me as i though there were no master/slaves with sata.
    My old drive has always been in the 4th(bottom) port and i tried the new one in the other three ports.

    I cant remember where/how you populate the drive, give it a letter and name, i only remember these options coming up in windows installs. i think i must be really dumb, memory skills -2

    I dont want any fancy setup just two seperate drives so i have 600gb total
    I do a lot of video editing, and i need these drives up asap, so any help would be massively rewarded with praise.

    on a related note i was wondering if anyone knows the speed of video editing on one of those external-hot-swap-sata-cases-via-usb2 is like, is the speeds the same as an internal sata drive? even if the speeds are okay, video is a bit tricky, like how firewire is better than USB2 for capturing, so does this affect things?

  2. Rick

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    Excuse me if I don't believe this. ;) I've seen a lot of things, but nothing like that before. I somehow doubt this is what's happening - there's something else going on.

    Will you be using these drives just as regular SATA drives, or as a RAID array? Just curious.

    SATA RAID controllers need to have drivers installed. Your drives may already be installed - they may not. You can check in device manager (Start > Run > devmgmt.msc). If properly installed, your SATA controller will be listed under SCSI RAID devices. Here's what it might look simliar to:

    Your additional hard drive(s) will show up in Disk Management (Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc) and need to be 'initialized' (partitioned) and formatted. Windows will automatically assign a drive letter, although you can certainly change it later to your preference.

    If your drive doesn't show up - you have a more complicated problem that can be caused by many things. More information on what you find in device manager or disk management may help us guide you in the right direction. :)
  3. miyagi_2

    miyagi_2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    haha, no i swear its true,

    thanks very very much, i forgot about the Disk Management tool, where the hell is the normal shortcut for that, control panel? ... oh admin tools.. oh god i suck, i should lay off the smack.

    i really dont get why it was coming up as a dvd drive though, i guess its a bit silly.

  4. mailpup

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    Your motherboard probably has two different sets of SATA controllers by different manufacturers using two different sets of drivers. Maybe one set of drivers hasn't been installed yet and that's the controller you are trying to use now. Just a thought.
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