New screen and more RAM, but now there's no sound, please help!

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Dec 4, 2006
  1. Hi, first of all, i am from Portugal, so sorry for my english. I am currently desperate, i bought a new screen (i guess that's what it is called) and i've also purchased more RAM, i now have 512MB. I operate on windows XP, here's the problem, since I've inserted the new RAM and started using the new screen, my pc doesn't produce any sound! I have a creative audioPCI (ES1371, ES1373) (WDM). I mentioned both the screen and the ram because they were newly used at the same type, but i guess that the screen doesn't anything to do with the problem.
    I would much apreciate you're help!
    Thanks for taking the time!

  2. Ididmyc600

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    Odds are its not the screen or the ram thats caused the sound issue, its likely that XP being the duff useless port losing piece of crap that it is has probably lost sight of your sound card.

    First reboot into safe mode, to get into safe mode press F8 just after the PC has posted ( the white writing on the screen) and before the XP logo appears, from the list choose safe mode,

    Once in safe mode right click my computer and choose properties, in the next box choose the hardware tab then choose Device Manager ,

    Go down the list until you see the listing for the sound card, Now before you do anything else ensure you have the drivers for it, you may have them on Disk or you will have to google the make and download them from the web.

    Now uninstall all the items listed within the Sound section by right clicking and choosing uninstall,

    Now boot back into normal mode and ensure you log on with an admin account, XP should now refind all the things you removed, it may ask for the drivers or it may just go ahead and install without it.

    let us know how you go on....

    Be seeing you....
  3. Rifer

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    Hi Ididmyc600, first of all, let me thank you a lot for the help, especially for beeing so fast!
    well, diferent kind of problem, if there really is a problem...i did what you asked me, and it didn't worked, and i think i know why...and it's gonna sound really stupid...i didn't have another set of speakers, so i didn't try that kind of solution (mainly because i didn't belived in such a coincidence, changing the ram and screen and the speakers getting damaged at the same time), but getting desperat i tried to use a pair of headphones, so i disconected the speakers and conected the headphones into the port and voil√°, the sound is coming out from the is this a problem of configuration or is it really a problem of damaged speakers, or the wires of the speakers? sorry for loosing your time with such a big post and for not trying this solution before...
    Thanks once again, i'll be seeing you

  4. Ididmyc600

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    Sometimes its the obvious things that stump us the most.....

    Yep sounds like the speakers/Wire/plug thats faulty, try them in an Ipod or music device or similar,

    Dont worry about long posts i'm a quick typer and most is cut and paste from stored txt files.

    Be seeing you....
  5. Ipsofacto

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    Did you try going through the control panel and testing the speakers?
  6. Rifer

    Rifer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks once again! Guess I will have to buy a new set of speakers...good oportunity to get a 5.1 or 7.1 set.
    be seeing you...

    P.S.-yep ipsofacto, i did tried doesn't say anything, the sound is aat max, but nothing is coming out...thank you 2
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