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New system keeps crashing. HELP!

By Max_Alloy
Sep 1, 2006
  1. Okay, searched the forums, tried every adjustment I can think, really need help with this. I'm lost.

    I put the system together (listed below), loaded up XP, everything clean and beautiful, seems okay. Then, I launch a resource intensive application (Battlefield 2 in this instance) and all seems okay at first. Then, after 5-10 minutes of play, one of two things happens:

    1) crashes all the way to a reboot
    - or -
    2) freezes, have to reset

    I would have thought this was a software issues, except that the same crash occured a couple of times just on the desktop. Plus, all the parts meet the minimum specs for that game.

    Here's the system, all brand new except the DVD and floppy drives, and the second 160GB hard drive.

    PSU: AMD Athlon 64 3800+
    VIDEO CARD: nvidia 7600 GS 512 MB (which does NOT require separate power)
    2 GB DDR2 RAM
    Gigabyte MOBO (GA-M55plus-S3G)
    Using onboard RealTek audio drivers
    350W power supply
    300GB Seagate ATA hard drive
    160GB MAxtor ATA hard drive

    I've updated all drivers and BIOS, rebuilt the system from scratch twice, very clean builds, still having trouble.

    I have run the memtest86 utility and the Microsoft RAM utility on it, passes fine.

    Any ideas??
  2. Face of LA

    Face of LA TS Rookie Posts: 163

    Im Not sure about this, i will let sum one with bettere knowledge tell u about this, but i think its cuz of ur Power supply? 350W is kinda lil for such a build,
  3. Max_Alloy

    Max_Alloy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey, thanks for all the tip. Here's what I figured out so far:

    1. My CPU is not the issue. I have AMD Athlon 64 3800+, 2.4GHz, 2.0GHz FSB, Socket AM2 CPU, which will work with DDR2 RAM, the only RAM this motehrboard supports.

    2. My RAM seems to be at the heart of the problem. When I pull out one stick, and run only on 1GB, system runs fine, no problems at all. I think I was having trouble with my RAM (pretty cheap Centon 533mhz DDR2) running in dual channel. When I put it both sticks in non-dual channel slots, also works fine.

    3. I think the PSU is also underpowered (thanks for the tip there). I disconnected my 2nd hard drive and the DVD drive for now, until I can replace it with more umph.

    Anyway, I think I've narrowed done my issues: buy better RAM (I was using sitcks from another system), buy new PSU, let it rip.

    Thanks again for all the feedback.[/code]
  4. G_Unique

    G_Unique TS Rookie

    Looking at your setup I would say get at least a 430Watt or higher name brand such as cooler master, thermaltake, and stay clear of no name memory. It will give you nothing but problems. You have a pretty power hungry setup. I'm starting construction on my new system and here is my new rig.

    Athlon 64 3000+
    Biostar T-Force4 AM2
    PCIE-GeForce 7600GS 256MB
    1GB OCZ Gold DDR2 800 2X512MB Dual Channel
    120GB WD SATA HD
    Dynapower 500Watt PSU
    Lite-On DVD-RW
    Thermaltake Black Mamba Case
    Running XP Home SP2

    Maybe the experts can chime in and tell me what they think. I'm more of a casual gamer, so I don't require the latest and greatest.
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