new system up & running

By macx
Nov 18, 2005
  1. Cooooolll!


    Got the new system up & running.

    ASUS board, has the ASUSprob monitoring system.

    When I started this project, I really didn't know zip
    about most components, LUCKILY found this forum!

    Had already bought a case - turned out to be an el cheapo
    without much in the way of cooling hardware.

    So, boned up on that subject, got a 120mm Antec Smart Fan
    for the top to suck out, a 92mm Antec Smart Fan to suck
    out the back near the CPU, used one of the 80mm case fans
    with a screened filter to blow IN onto the RAM & board,
    and added a screened filter intake on the forward bottom of each side.

    I haven't "worked" the system hard yet, BUT
    nontheless, while running things like scans etc the
    CPU and the board run at between 28 & 30!

    Guess it's working! The smart fans aren't running
    very fast - 1700 & 1100 - so it seems they aren't
    exactly being overworked.

    Now to go to work on my wife's and 2 daughters systems!

    Thanks to this Forum for giving me a quick but apparently
    good education on this - as well as protection & other
    hardware/software topics!!!
  2. kiddk1

    kiddk1 TS Rookie

    your welcome.
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