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By mae
Jan 12, 2009
  1. Just looking to find out more about computers so that I can fix some things on my own and know more in general. I currently use a Gateway Profile 3 computer with Windows Me. However, I am about to buy a new computer, probably a Dell, running on Vista. I have found other sites helpful when I ran into problems. I know there are so many knowledgeable people out there who are helpful. I entered the "for advanced users" only several times when I knew there was nothing left to lose because I was having computer problems anyway and I needed to buy a new computer. I reformatted my hard drive, etc. Still very new at this, but I am becoming more interested than I ever thought I would be.
  2. WinSoft technol

    WinSoft technol TS Rookie


    glad ur getting into PC's lol

    this site is full of useful info n we are all happy yo help with any problems ;)
  3. mae

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    Thanks forthe reply.
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