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By jedi1tekk
Dec 28, 2007
  1. Hi,
    Hey 21 male i like technology and on her looking for help and seeking advice on certain programs and hardeware also i want to learn how to build my own custom pc i have to now ones a dell laptop

    inspiron e1405
    1gig ram
    30gig hard drive
    14.7 inch wide screen

    hp pavilion 750n
    120gig hard drive
    512 mb ram
    pentium 4 processor
    hp cd-writer dvd
    off board video card

    looking to up grade all of it

    and trying to learn more about computers i do graphic arts and web design my site down right now will be up shortly but soon it for my racing team team jedi (Japenese European Domestic Imports) Please respond and please help!!!
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