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Jul 28, 2004
  1. Ok, here's my story... Recently I've begun getting a four beep audio warning and my computer powers down. Normally I can go for a few hours before this happens, but it's especially bad when I'm veiwing cutscenes in games. Seems like anytime my computer has to draw anything complex it just gives up.

    I'm running the Everest sensor program and it shows my cpu temp at 45C on average but occasionally it'll jump to 90C and then fall right back down. I've also recently installed CpuIdle and it doesn't sem to be bringing the temp down below 45C.

    I think it's an overheating issue but I can't be sure and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    System Specs:
    AMD 2500 CPU (not overclocked w/ stock fan and heatsink)
    Gigabyte K7N400 Mobo
    1.5GB RAM
    Radeon 9600XT
    Soundblaster Audigy
    400W Allied PS
    120mm Exhaust fan
    80mm Intake fan

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm beginning to go a bit batty over this.
  2. lalaji

    lalaji TS Rookie Posts: 136

    I know that radeons have fans on the card. I have a 9700Pro and i need to plug my card into my PSU to power the cooling fan. Does your video card need to be plugged in as well? If so, is it? If not are you sure its working? Its a possibility that the video card isnt being cooled properly since it seems to overheat and shut down when you are doing graphics intensive things. Check that out and let us know whats up... and as always... i hope this helped.
  3. dragoon

    dragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fan on the card is spinning. The 9600 I have runs from the AGP slot and there was no notification that I had to run any additional power to it. I'll check into that.

    I am wondering though, since my machine is a year old and I run it pretty much 24/7, could the thermal grease from the factory have broken down?
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    They are a bit skimpy on the thermal paste, so if you are willing to try this, remove the cooler, clean up the GPU and the bottom of the cooler with something like isopropyl alcohol. Then apply a very thin layer of e.g. Arctic Silver 3 onto the GPU. Reseat the cooler. Alternatively, get a Zalman cooler, like displayed here:
    which is absolutely quiet.
    For cleaning/mounting instructions do a search within this forum for posts containing "arctic"
  5. dragoon

    dragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the help. I'm going to order the thermal paste and probably the Zalman cooler and see if that helps out.

    While I'm tearing things apart again, would it be advisible to go ahead and get a new heatsink/fan combo for my CPU? Currently I'm running a Thermaltake Aluminum fin heatsink <don't know specifically which model>.
  6. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Before you order your Zalman cooler, check out that it will fit in your PC. It will take away the space for at least one PCI-slot. Also, there are different models, check what model fits onto your card, and if it could be transferred later, should you buy another card.

    The Zalman cooler comes with its own thermal paste, so if you go that way, no need to buy the Arctic.
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11


    Are you talking about two different machines here?
  8. dragoon

    dragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Same machine, just specifying which type of heatsink and fan I have on the CPU. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    I would also check your PSU voltages to verify they are not fluctuating too much. If it doesn't supply enough power the system can shut down. Or too much as well.

    The beep code is probably the motherboard warning of: CPU too hot, not enough power, etc... I would check the BIOS to see what is enabled in the PC Health Status. Page 58 of the online manual below. And possibly disable CPU Smart FAN control to verify it is not causing the CPU fan to run too slow.

    If the system monitor does not provide PSU voltages, I recommend getting one that does. This will verify that the PSU is not fluctuating too much.

    Also check your version of BIOS. They have a fix for "Adjust temperature monitoring tolerence" Most motherboards these days will monitor your CPU for overheating and will either downclock the system or power it off completely.

    Good luck,
  10. dragoon

    dragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their help.

    Went a temporary route while I look into the Zalman coolers and got a small PCI Exhaust fan and regreased my CPU. Those two things dropped my idle temp 10C. Haven't really had a chance to run it through it's paces yet, but I think I have a livable temp solution right now. Thanks again.
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