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Feb 8, 2009
  1. Hi, I was looking for an answer to a question but some how ended up joining this group. I have limited computer skills and would appreciate some help.


    This is too complicated, I all i wanted to do was contact Kaser storagevault, which I keyed in, and ended up here. a Tech wiped my board clean and reinstalled windows xp. as well as a real mess and a lot of headaches , I can not get Kaser to work.
    doesn't look like i'll be getting any help here either. I'm sick of getting ripped off by geek people I could have purchased a new computer with all i've paid out lately

    Bye . T
  2. rickoh

    rickoh TS Rookie


    dont be too quick to condemn the 'geeks' in here. they are here to if you just might receive.
    If your kaser isnt damaged.....and not being seen by your computer....check in your control panel...> ..system..>device manager..and see if it is listed there. If it isnt ..then the driver isnt installed. or check in 'my computer'...and see if it is there.
    If you didnt instal the driver properly...or 'you ' damaged it...try it on a different computer and see if it works.
    It could be something like you having your USB ports NOT turned on in your bios settings.
  3. toeknee289

    toeknee289 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry, I was not condemning you, my comment was made because i could not find my way in to ask my question.;

    Have had the Kayser for two years no problems. Computer caught a virus, called out a geek company, as i was not comfortable disconnecting the tower. The guy who came spent two hours and couldn't find the problem. he said it would be best if he took the tower and wiped the hard drive and re installed it, He also said that he would save me money, by letting him do it himself, rather than through the company, so i let him.

    He brought the tower back and there was a bunch of stuff missing, that had not been saved. To cut a long story short, he walked out and would not return my phone calls. So be it, live and learn. BUT I see no reason why I should not be able to get my Kayser working again, and have had no luck with the Kayser company, hence my search today, where I ended up at your site.

    every thing is connected, the blue light comes on when i switch Kayser on.

    Have looked in control panel and computer, but it is not listed.

    I used to have a regen icon to click for the back up, regen is not listed either.

    I hope that Iv'e given you enough info to help me with this.


  4. rickoh

    rickoh TS Rookie


    do you have access to another computer?. If you do and it works on another computer..obviously its something in YOUR computer that is causing the problem.
    If you plug something else into the usb port...does it work ? you have usb ports on the front and rear of your tower?...silly question but Ive seen cases where the usb ports on the front of the tower were not turned on...or were unplugged.
    Im not familiar with this Kaser cant give much help.
  5. toeknee289

    toeknee289 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't have access to another computer. all usb ports are working.

    Thanks for trying
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