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New Users - Fed up with Apple.. Are you ???

By Funktional
Jan 5, 2005
  1. So, after 16 months of owning a G3 iPod, I’m thinking of giving it all up and going back to CDs…

    My first replacement was swapped out by Apple Europe quite quickly - they picked up from my office on Monday, and a new, brown-boxed Pod was on my desk by Friday. Not bad, eh?

    Yesterday morning I put my G3 in its cradle (first day back at work etc), and within 30 seconds I knew something was up - I was able to watch the drive space increase within Explorer, and before I could do anything, my Pod had been wiped of all data. I undocked, scanned for Artists and found my full library intact. Problem was, that’s all that was left: the data/text for the library. Try and actually play an album, and it finishes in five seconds.

    I made an appointment with the Genius Bar @ The Apple Store, Regent Street London. I didn’t want to mess with the Pod in case it could be recovered. Anyone that’s been to a G-Bar will know the boys there are quite removed from reality. I tried to explain what I thought happened and he wasn’t interested, mumbling something about regen’ing the software, formatting and wiping everything off. Usually I wouldn’t have minded but this time I didn’t have a backup. However, I had no choice, I had to agree.

    Then I thought, hang on, I don’t want the same one back - why would I? So, bravely, I asked for a brand new G3 Pod. Lo and behold, I got one (albeit brown-boxed). The guy had just given up. I asked how many G3’s they swap out in a week… 30-40 minimum.

    I tried my hand again: “If I pay the additional ££ for a colour Pod, could I do that today?” The flippancy of the reply is what forced me to write this today: “I take it you haven’t heard of Apple’s upgrade path? Throw the old kit in the bin and buy a new model.” Normally I’d find that funny, but I’m one of those people who paid £400 for the “best product on the planet”. My first Pod had hard errors on the surface; the 2nd current one lost everything; now I’m on to my third. Hardly what I expected when I paid my money in good faith.

    To cut a long story short, I left the Apple Centre with a new 2003 G3 - more than likely one with a battery that only lasts three hours or so. Either that or it’s reconditioned. It’s fully wrapped in protective plastic, but, frankly, nothing would surprise me.
    It’s quicker and more cost effective for Apple to swap out old for new. It seems common practice in many cases nowadays.

    The whole experience has left me quite disillusioned by Apple. I really thought they had a grasp on their new business, but am increasingly left with the impression that what they actually have a grasp of is extensive media. With so much good coverage, the bad just gets brushed under the carpet.

    Am I alone in thinking this? Feeling “had” by Apple ?
  2. MYOB

    MYOB TS Rookie Posts: 492

    Shouldn't have bought an iPod. Knew the hardware was shoddy the first moment I saw one.

    Never buy an Apple product till lots and lots of users have bought one. Even in that case, be wary as hell.
  3. Ea$Y

    Ea$Y TS Rookie Posts: 60

    Mac's and that generic line shoddy hardware of wannabe competition to the performance pc industry is just that - Junk Junk Junk.

    I hate to see when someone gets taken by them especially at that price.
    They hire genius marketers and spend millions and millions in advertizing when they should be focusing on the hardware support and the driver software.

    The whole mac line of products is garbage-
    The crappy hardware they cram into a little case with out ventilation --hmmm
    The software support
    The drivers they use
    Cost of the silly things- insanely overpriced

    The argument you will hear. - My ipod dosent skip. (neither does my 30 dollar mp3 cd player)
    My ipod can store 40 gigs of mp3s ( who has 40 gigs of mp3s)
    I have been collecting mp3s for years and years - and i have 11 gigs :rolleyes:

    Macintosh charges users 100 bucks for a usb flash card reader - you can buy one of those for a pc for 10 bucks !

    The only reason the company still exists is because they continue to take advantage of people who are afraid to make to jump to pc's because of the differences in the operating system.
    There are professionals in the graphics and visual arts industry who have become dependant on mac software. Little do they realize the same formats and compression types (files) are widely available for pc - and exponentially cheaper.

    Sorry to hear of you folks getting ripped off by macintosh.
  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,247   +448

    Boy if this doesn't sound like the start of a platform war. There is a place for both Macs and PCs these days. Macs especially for people who like/need a gui but still need plenty of *nix tools built in. This is an ongoing battle that sounds similar from both fronts - Mac users slamming PC users about the same things... unless of course you're a unick, they say both suck and only SUN makes real machines. I use all 3 - and for the most part I like all 3 very much. Honestly I like Macs and Win/Linux/x86 stuff more than Sun/Solaris but like I said earlier, each has a place. As far as Macs being overpriced... I agree.

    40 gigs of MP3 - about that - I have 47 gigs of MP3 and I'm in the process of moving away from that format. This means I had more than 47 gig not long ago and it's from a relatively short period of time. I'm re-encoding a bunch of my CDs now and I'm estimating 200-300 gig in the new format by the time I'm done. 40 gig is a drop in the bucket and I'm sure many of our users here have near or more than that amount.

    Many USB flash card readers work on both PC and Mac - I have one that works with both and no drivers need to be installed for either platform.

    Apple has done a good job of shooting themselves in the foot in the past and they're continuing the trend. They often do things to close themselves off from the mass and it usually takes them a couple years to see the light an open up a little. OS X is a great operating system though and it'll probably be around for a little while.
    To be honest I like Windows/Microsoft more than any distro of linux I've used so far. That may change over time, but currently there are just too many distros for me and too many things don't work easily enough. I just don't have the time/patience to compile everything I want whenever I need it.

    I do, however, agree with you about graphic artists being fooled into believing they can only do their work on a Mac. That's garbage - you can do pretty much everything productive on all platforms. *Threw productive in there because gaming sucks on the Mac, Linux, and Solaris side* I also agree that these guys can probably do it much cheaper on the x86 side.

    That's the end of my rant. Who's next?
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