New video card and monitor help

By mg33
Jan 19, 2008
  1. Hi everyone. Today I just purchased a new video card, a nvidia 6600 gt AGP. A guy installed and sold it to me but when he tried it on his monitor it worked fine. But now when I try it on my monitor it just pops out as a blank screen. Does this mean I have to buy a new monitor (his monitor was bigger then mine if that has to do with anything) or do I just have to change some settings in my computer in order for the monitor to respon properly. Everything else works the same. My monitor is a Compaq FS7600 15-16 inches I believe. My Main concern is if I have to buy a new monitor(if so how big) or can I simply change this with a change in the settings. Thank you for your time.
  2. Monitor size is going to have little to do with it. Did you check to make sure that your monitor is plugged into the AVG card and not onboard? I know it sounds basic, but it's a detail a lot of people forget. That is, if you have onboard video.
  3. Blind Dragon

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    Did you install the drivers for it?
  4. mg33

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    I feel really dumb right now. I was plugging it into the onboard instead of the AVG card. Thanky you all for your help.
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