new video card doesnt work :(

By cbgreen · 9 replies
Nov 18, 2006
  1. Here's the story,
    Today i bought a new geforce7800gs agp version, i have a relatively old dell motherboard e210882 which in the first place doesn't show anything on my lcd screen untill after the loading with the windows xp logo, or that could be the cause of my old ATI radeon 9000, i use dvi connection for my screen. Now, i replaced the ati with the gef and had to connect one extra power connection to the end of the card i have one particular question on this, when you have enough cables to attach EVERYTHing, does it allso mean that your powersupply is capable of handling them? ..and the screen stays black, i've tried with another crt monitor for resolving the problem in this matter, but i can hear the pc start up regularly into windows. Ive called the store where i bought the card and this guy was telling me i have to reset my cmos or bios, i've tried putting teh battery on my motherboard aside for like half an hour, i've tried another method i read about that said to hold the insert key before reattaching the power cable and then starting the pc..all useless..
    any suggestions would be more then helpfull,could help me save about 50-100€ and that's pretty welcome if you consider the price tag of that card
  2. TekGun

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    Having enough cables does not mean that you will have enough power, see if you can find the output on the psu itself. Then make a list of everything in your PC and use a PSU calculator to see if it has enough juice.

    Dell have probably installed a PSU with just the right amount of power for the original spec.
  3. Rik

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    Good advice from TekGun but i will also add, be very careful if you decide a new psu is in order!! A lot of dell pc's use psu's that are wired differently to a standard psu!!!!

    If yours is one of those dell's and you try to fit a standard psu, you could well do serious damage to your pc!!!!
  4. cbgreen

    cbgreen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will my problem be solved after i get a new dell specified power supply?
  5. Rik

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    You need to check before you get one if you need a dell one or not, google pc psu and you should find plenty of pictures to compare yours to!! It's the 20 molex that is important to check!!!!
  6. cbgreen

    cbgreen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i don't quite understand that last reply, but i made an add-up of my computer components like tekgun advised, and i came up with about 249 watts with everything including my new video card, now i disconnected both my cd drives, the disk drive and even one of my hard disks but that didn't help at all..even when the watts calculator thingie gave 216 as a result..any more advise cause i'm seriously considering returning this card, cause if i cant use it i have to return it the way i do have a dell pc
  7. cbgreen

    cbgreen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    could it be that my motherboard is too old?
  8. tyler811

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    Most 7800's require a 450 wat power supply. I would guess the power rail (plug) does not carry enough amps to power up the card. I would go to to find a power supply that will run it.

    I have never heard of a power supply beening "wired" differently as there is a form factor for all power supplys. This means that power supplys be made so that the same colored wires runs the same voltage with the same plug end. The amps can vary greatly from power supply to power supply. One will have more then another but this to supply power to more periphals. Now Dell did at one time make all power supplys proprietory meaning that only a Dell power supply will fit into a Deel machine. but the volt rails will still be the same. You could not however put an after market PS into a Dell. I do not know though if this still hold true. You can email Dell and ask them or search thru their support pages
  9. Rik

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  10. tyler811

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    I stand corrected I knew Dell amde their own proprietory motherboards and p.s. but I was not aware they switched around the voltages. I understand keeping it to a corporate form factor but to switch around voltages is blank blank blank lol

    So can you plug a Dell plug into an industry standard plug?

    Anyway regardless the original OP needs a new power supply. Google Dell (model number) power supplies and see what you get. Rik is correct about the different wiring schemes.
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