new video card, windows wont start.

By gtafreek24
Aug 27, 2005
  1. i just built a new pc and i have it running fine now after fixing several problems. i have windows xp installed and i went to put in my video card after uninstalling the onboard video and windows wont start with the new video card. if i take the new video card out and use the onboard video, windows boots up fine, but i put the video card in and it either freezes at the windows xp loading screen or restarts asking whether to boot in safe mode or start windows normally. and either one i choose doesnt work. windows only boots if i take out the video card. so how am i supposed to install this video card if i cant even start windows with it? is there something in BIOS that has to be changed or is windows to blame? your help is much appreciated.
  2. gtafreek24

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    heh heh never mind, it seems that when i uninstalled the onboard video drivers they didnt actually uninstall. it was the computers fault. anyways i got it working now and im sorry for the pointless thread.
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